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Dialyse this: A life put on hold
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Welcome to Dialyse This: A Life on Hold.

First, a little warning. I thought about making this journal all ages friendly, I really did, but . . . it just really isn't me. So, underagers, parents, whoever, look out. There be cursing in this journal.

I'm 27, from Canada and have had my life put on hold since December 15th, 2005. I've been on dialysis sine mid-December after my Kidneys failed, something that I suppose, in retrospect, was just waiting to happen. A bad salad in 2003 gave me my first taste of major organ failure, but after some powerful drugs, all was well again until last September when a kidney infection started all this up again.

** Look out kids, I'm back in the game. Got myself a new kidney, I call it Magnus, Feb 24th, 2011.**

While I managed to get my first degree (A BA in History), my marks were rather pitiful and I have had to put plans for traveling, dating, and moving out of my parents house on hold. Add getting a real job to that list too. I am, however, going back for my education degree this fall (2007/08). Have now gotten that BA in education. Parents look out, I'm a teacher now!

So, here I shall post my adventures at dialysis. Everything from how much the "Blood Letting" sucked, to adventures with my access to how much I wish it would all just go away.

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